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  1. Thank you for answer. I agree with you. Especially that own experience is a key. The only problem is that there is seem to be a clear structure to the seductive interactions. And guidelines can save a lot of time. Everyone here can figure out on their own how to swim, but when somebody teaches it, it happens faster, isnt it. The question is more about, which guidelines is the more close to reality, and less distorted by marketing. Have you any experience with these guys ? What is your favorite resource for ngame ?
  2. Danke fur eure Meinungen !!!! Ja klar wenn jemand auf Deutsch antworten mochte dass geht naturlich auch !!!
  3. Hey guys! I am looking now at Rob Judge and Zack Bauer material, and their 4 elements of game. Seem to be some very good stuff about natural game. More on the advanced side thou. Does anyone looked into it, opinions about them ???
  4. Hey guys ! Does anyone saw or have "The Yad Show" or "Jon Matrix - Effortless Infield" Please post or pm me !!