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  1. Hi, I'd actually like to go out for night game instead of day.
  2. Hi people, I live in Heidelberg and I don't know why am I unable to send a message here to anyone. I'd like to visit Frankfurt on some Friday / Saturday nights and learn game. Since I'm a newbie, I'd like to do that in a group where I can feel a bit motivated and get some push. But I do not speak German and I do not see anyone who's gaming in English. Are there any guys here who don't speak German?
  3. Hi STARDASH, I'm unable to send you a message. Could you please try and send me one?
  4. Hi, I'm 25, an absolute beginner and new to Heidelberg. I do not speak German and I'd like to get started with other beginners who also have approach anxiety like me. I feel like I can overcome it but would need a guy whom I can come back and talk to after a girl blows me away in the first few seconds of the conversation 😁