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  1. Jahrgang: 1992 Wohnort: Hamburg Stand: Anfänger Präferenz: Daygame/Street/Nightgame/Bar Kurze Vorstellung: Ich komme aus Bulgarien. Ich wohne und arbeite in Hamburg. Suche nach netten Leuten, mit denen man losgehen und sich gegenseitig pushen kann. Bin voll motiviert und habe bis 14.09 Urlbaub.
  2. Hallo zasummen, Ich bin Stan, 26 Jahre alt. Ich komme aus Hamburg. I live in Germany since 2016, still learning the language. The reason i joined the forum is that after 3 year relationship i got a bit or a lot rusty and now my game is about -1. I notice girls trying to make me start a conversation with the but by the time i figure that out, the moment is already gone. For example yesterday a girl was waiting for my bus to come staying in proximity from me all the time and when the bus came, all of a sudden she figures out that she is waiting on the wrong side and went to wait for a completly other bus in another direction. I am here to get help building up my game with the german girls and having fun. I would love to spend some time with someone from the forum as a wing man, just to be there and learn firsthand what to do and what no to do. How to recognize the prospect from the girl that is not interested at all and do that fast. I have a pretty high learning curve but need some guidance and live coaching in order to be able to use it fully. I would love any guidance and suggestions. Grusse Stan.