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  1. Hey, hope you guys are doing very well. I am a new boi around here, came as a student (language school). I am also trying to learn German language. I don't know the city comprehensively. I need some suggestions for easier pick-ups. Could you guys recommend any, streets, places, shops, etc.? If you also would like to play games with me please hit me up (I am a 21 yo. guy)! Thanks a lot!
  2. Birth: 2000 City: Düsseldorf Status: Being a playboy again Preferences: Street mostly and night game, if she is beautiful i don't mind the situation. About: Hey guys, I came here as a student. I am originally half American and Turkish. I read some books and listened to podcasts. I can't speak German language at all. My targets are tourists and students. I don't prefer spending time with old women (older than 25y.o). Thanks, hit me up please!