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  1. Hallo zu mir, Ich bin Farhad und 20. Mein Name im Forum ist itouch. Mit PU habe ich als 16jähriger angefangen, ja mit approachen und so. Im realen Leben bin ich Comedian und Schreiber. Ich habe mehrere Blogs und eine FB-Fanpage. Ich habe ein Format abgekupfert besser abgegoldet von den ganzen PUAs, die ich getroffen habe und das sind einige. Ich war in London. Die Londoner Frauen sind mit keinen anderen zu vergleichen. Einige Dating Coaches waren sehr erstaunt über mich. Wenn ihr mich adden wollt, addet mich. Falls ihr Intresse habt, meldet euch. Wenn ihr ein Coaching wollt für kleines Geld, dann bin ich jeder Zeit zuvorkommend. Gib so viel Geld nach dem Coaching, wie viel Wert es euch war. Danke, wir sehen uns im Field. Also schaltet den Computer aus und approacht. :)
  2. @Kushiel Alright, will do that in future. Yes, Social Pressure/Anxiety exists. ;)
  3. Germany. German. Second Language is Persian. Third Language is Englisch. Just travelled, visited siblings. He did edited it for another forum. I normally don't post here, but thought that there are definetly some gold nuggets in there, if you search for it. I'm working on my english writing. It will improve :)
  4. WTF? COCKBLOCKED!!! If you are not used to read long and detailed reports, do yourself a favor and don´t read it. To the others, who are willing to read, I wish you fun by reading it. Thank you so much zenith656 for editing So, Yesterday I've went to Cocoon Club, which had free entry. Before I got to the club, when I get ready and shower, I'm listening to music and sing all the way to the club.It puts me in a great mood. I think they call it, to be in state, here. So I go in andtwo girls. The one is sitting. The other one took pictures of her. The first thing I do in the club I dance, even if there is none. I do 20 push ups. Also, what I'm doing is to open girls direct and pick them physically up, which I didn't yesterday. So I've went to those two girls and opened them with 'Are you shy?' Opener. Hi, I came along and you didn't try to grab myor buy me shots? What's up with that?" Then we talked about how they both slap myand I buy them drinks. I generally don't buy girls drinks, but I had collected 11 coupons to get a free beer. Also I don't drink alcohol. So I said: "I'm nking your both es and your mine. Then I will buy you shots. Obviously you last boyfriend didn't nk you enough." The other girl agr with me. (sive Frame Control) So they are more likely to alate on me. So we've sat down, then we talked about general stuff. (Fluff talk) They tell me, that they are not from here and are from Stuttgart. They've had luck with the hotel room.It's a 4-star Hotel, which only costed 15 € at night.(Go now to this website to get a room ).Also they said: "We can take you with us, back to our hotel room." I've said: "Are you trying yo pick me up? What are you doing with me?"Also my facial exprions and hand movements match to what I've said. I told the last time I've went out to the Velvet Club. Yes, it has mive DHV Spikes in there, cially Pre-selection. So I said: Yeah, craziest thing hened last time I've went out to this club... I tell them how I've met those 3 girls.I tell them: Yeah, Jacqueline is very smart and sexy." HBblond says:"Yeah, but it dnds only on looks."I said to her: "No, looks are not enough for me. I don't wanna have a girl that is a bagger. But I think the most important thing is natural chemistry, that's when they understand h other without saying anything." She says: "Yeah, I want to have a drama free relationship and you have to make comprimi in relationships." Then I tell her how my friend, reads hundreds of books.She also is in a jury, that gives reviews on officially unpublished books and she worked as a lector.Also she organizes the biggest book con in Germany and is the boss.I say: "She has workers that are doing everything for her.Then I liked her 10x times more.I love to tell people, what they should do. So I would say:" I'm your boss boyfriend. Bring me a tea, No actually bring me a McMenu. (McDonalds rules the world ) Here are no McDonalds'. Then go somewhere, where there are."The one girl laughed, the other HBblond didn't.I say: ""Swing in a miss, you didn't get the joke."I just say the stuppidest shit that comes to my mind.I say: "The cow makes MUH." HBblond laughs.I say to the other girl: "Is she always laughing, at stupid shit and not at the actual joke."She says: "Yeah." So I go into the story how I've met the other 2 girls, that I saw th two girls dancing on the bathroom.I said to them: Yeah, you know that the dancefloor is down stairs. The one tells me how she is not drinking and me, too.I said: "Welcome to the club." (Pun intended) So I've said in the couch and heard two girls aking English (, which is not common in Germany.) I said to them: How come you are aking English? They say just to practice.I get really good along with those girls. They wanted to take pictures with me in the bathroom. (DHV) Even her girlfriends came and said to come dance with me, but they said: "He's so fun, we don't wanna dance." (FUN is the ULLTIMATE ATTRACTION SWITCH. (Credits:Sinn)) Me and this girl went to the bar.She was in a busin suite and was blond. I said to her:" You might think, Oh busin woman, but actually she was really humbling.Yeah, every time you do something humbling, you can use the excuse that you are blond.I mean that she was humbling, made her cute.I like flaws, I mean nobody is perfect.She said to me: "I have this feeling that I've known you forever, you know this feeling? (DHV+NLP)I said to her: "I think we are soul mates. Then we went downstairs and danced with me, I've met th two girls (from the bathroom) ,which belonged to the group.Now I had 8 women surrounding me.The one grabbed myand go how I had a trauma in school and say: "Yeah, in fifth grade this girl grabbed my . Every time I said: "Was it you? She pointed at another girl or pretended, that it didn't hen. (DHV) (Was I catch at that time? No. )So also, that they did sandwiches to me. Back to the NOW (Be in the moment, read Eckhart Tolle bro )I say to her: "Yeah it was basically a competition." (Yes, women are competitors. They want the best rm, they can have. (Book: rm Wars) ) I altered on the fly the Mystery's "Did youthe fight outside?" opener.I said: "They all did basically a catfight and scratched the other eyes out.I was the judge in front of the ring and rate how good the technique was. At the end there was only one left and got me as a prize. (PRIZING Credits:Swinggcat) Then I say: "Yeah, you know I had the luck that my dad, works for an airlines, so I traveled around the world at an early age. Also most of the time, we are lucky enough to get in busin cl." (DHV)I show her pictures if me traveling through, London, L.A, New York and Munich.One picture with the wax figure of Marilyn Monroe and with a German rap star. Also pictures of my friends with me and I have one picture, where I'm on a big rock in California. (DHV) I say: "Yeah, women are like the swirling windstorm, while men are like a rock." ( Credits: David Dadeia Book: The Way of Surior Man) They said: "You're cute."I show pictures of my ex, they say how beautiful she is. (DHV)Then I tell how a girlfriend of mine bme 19 years and she said: "Yeah that she has now to use anti-aging products." We went to play lr tag, I tell her, that I gave her a children book.I go into the story that is about the story of the book and a metaphor for all women in the world, it ends with: "Yeah, you know, if I get a child and is a girl, I will read the story, before she is sling everyday." She says she loves children and I how I have worked in a kindergarden.Then I said to her: "I will ll a child in your stomach." ( Credits: Simple Pickup)"Or, do you know how that works?"I say: "Yeah, I have a magic stick and sometimes it spill magic lls around." She smiles to me. I've already touching her in her hair, touch her f. (Sexual Rort)Her friend comes back, I buy ( actually I'm using the coupons ) them beer.Then we fluff talk again. 3 other girls come and sit down.The one was interested and wanted to watch my photos and I talked about them. All girls liked h other. They were yelling/whistling at guys that came by. They weren't from here, which made sense, why they were doing it. So they left and also the two girls. Some girls were sitting down I say that I like to people watch.They go away and I take a picture of another group. I wait, but there not coming.So I go and give her beer and say: "Bye." (Later I recognized It was take away time )So I go dance to get back in state, the dance floor was full.I thought: "Fuck, you didn't do your 3 warm up roaches." Then Rocky Balboa comes in my head (Thanks Camerone Teone) and gives his ech in my head: “It ain´t about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and k moving forward, that is how winning is done...You better than that.” Thank you Silvester Stalone.I was back in the game and motivated. The other set nothing ctacular, but only that she was the best kir that I ever had. I arouse her. (She kissd like a godd. Now I can kiss like a god, too . I've asked her how good, she finds h arousal techniques on a le from 1-10, basically debriefed her.I've broke down, how she is kissing with her together. xD She kis at the beginning, will hold you f to lead you and go back.The only way to kiss is to lean into her. (In my head Mystery comes up: "Don't lean in.") and also she kis, also the other parts. She will make it a little bit wet and breath warm air on it. I was at the same bench, where I fingered the asian girl. So I grab her tits and want to arouse her more and go for the pussy, which she didn't let me in. (2x) (The box, didn´t open with the key. xD) Then we had no time, she had to go. I hear the song "Titanium" from David Guetta.I go on the dance floor and leave her alone. (I know it was a dick move. Yeah, I would say I'm a dick )I dance and sing as loud as I can.I go to HBblond and her friend. We make a circle and hugging h other and jump and scream as loud we can. Everybody s us. (Do I like to be the center of Attention? Of course, I love it )Then me and HBblond are dancing.We rubbing our gentials. Then I took her hair, and kiss her. We go to a bench. We arouse ech other.I'm using the kissing technique of amazing god kir.She leans in.I scratch her back.Touch her tits. She grabs my dick.I get a wood.In my head Tyler Durden comes up: "Trust the cock. If you get a wood in set, she will be wet )Yeah, Tyler. I go for her pussy.A worker from the club comes up and says that we have to stop.We arouse h other. Her friend comes up and says, that they have to go to the hotel. We go to the bar. I shove her to the wall and make out with her heavy. Then we go to her friend. She says:"I don't want to hear how you fuck."I say: "Let's go to the bathroom and make a quickie." She denies. Itwo other dudes.He says: "I don't know you, I can't drive you" I say, that we're friends and know h other. Doesn't work.I say: "Come to my house." (, which is near by the club.)Then she says: "Yeah, we willh other." (In my head: "We're not, she's not from here.") Then the other guy says: "She's a good girl." She comes up to me: "Are you ok with it?"(3x) I say: "It's cool." I try to kiss her. (NEEDY)She denies.I go home.I took my iPod touch and listen to my songs, while singing all the way to home. “HATE it or LOVE it.” (The Game) Anything I could do better? Yes, I want to improve myself and my game. If you want to know something more what hened, ASK. Any recommendations and comments? Also how much do you like my writing style?
  5. Ich bin die ganzen Osterferien von 26.3 - 9.4 in London England. Ich werde sargen. Ich such paar leute die sich in London auskennen oder mit sargen wollen. Ich kann es kaum abwarten. Freu mich jetzt schon drauf. Handy: 017677617101