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  1. Yeahhh, you heard me!! Guys, After fair amounts of success in day gaming and a vacation, I'm back in Wien to start the 2nd year of my studies!! This time bro is fully fired up and looking for hardcore gaming!!! Club, Day, Street, whatever may be the scenario, we're gonna rock 24x7 \m/ If you think you're that kind of a person give me a buzz, and we shall take it from there .............. Great times ahead!! Cheers James P.s. I'm 25, a Masters student, Brown ...
  2. Hey mate, I didn't understand the text properly.. U guys planning to move together and build something like a project hollywood? Competition b/w puas is gonna be fun! Let me know the details.... Cheers! James
  3. Hi guys, I've been a member in the community for a while now.. Met a few really cool wings recently, most of them are working and do not have much time during the day.. It is not that I do not enjoy club gaming, but I enjoy day gaming more! It is perfect for students as it doesn't require you to spend much money and builds your confidence, big time!! I'm a student, 24 years old, looking for wingmen, preferably students, to go day gaming in Mariahilfer, Schwedenplatz, Stephansplatz, Karlsplatz, crowded U-bahn stations (another easy way, used this mostly during the winter), Prater, Shopping Malls, and other interesting areas you know.... I'm open for suggestions.. I've been doing this for a year and half now, had successes, experiences, and most of all the 'high' you get no matter what the outcome is! Cheers! Euro jd
  4. hey man, 24, and studying .. been doing this for more than a year now, more in to street gaming, mostly in the u-bahn.. also love club gaming.. James
  5. Great to the see enthusiasm of the Viennese PUAs; I had chance to meet quite a few of them and some of them have very good gaming styles.... Keep it up!!
  6. Just a brief field report, we had a great night today at Loco today, not gonna go with the detail as you guys can figure it out by yourselves ;) Wien has really good talents to explore at relatively inexpensive clubs suitable for students.. Cheers to Pickup Forum and good times ahead for Wien PUAs .... Yours truly EuroJD
  7. Hi fellas, I know its too late to write now.. But, just for the ones who wanna join.. I'm going to Bratislava at 6.30pm bus from the International Bus Station(located near Erdberg U-bahn Station) tomorrow for the street party... Will be back by the morning bus if nothing works out .. lol .... Anyone, interested can join.... Leave a message .. Happy chick hunting!
  8. I'm 24, basically from Indian origin.. been in Europe for more than 2 years now, in different countries .. gonna stay in Wien for a minimum of 2 years... How old are you?
  9. Hi people, I'm looking of wingmen to go sarging in Wien clubs, and occasionally day gaming as well .. I've been doing this since one year and I've had fair amounts of success with women.. Ich Deutsch schlecht, ich habe in Wien leben seit zwei Montag.. Write back if u are up to share and learn international PU skills.. Prost! Jamie