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  1. How to learn this game (even on your own) There are two adaption processes. Both are crucial. One is easy, the second is hard. The first starts when you enter the club. It is a completely different environment than before. Loud hectic club VS. chill comfy home environment. Anxiety rises. It is easy to adapt because you can just stand there and wait. After 5 to 10 minutes your brain accepts it and relaxes. Your brain is now OK with the environment because it sees that there is no immediate danger as long as you are not taking action in some way that puts the attention on you. The only thing left which raises anxiety is creating social attention/pressure. (Example: You feel comfortable standing or walking in the club, but thinking about dancing or talking to somebody makes you uncomfortable) The second adaption process comes with building social momentum. This part is crucial because if you are not putting that pressure onto you, your brain adapts further into the specator-mode, where it is more like being a ghost which can only see whats going on but not affect/be affected. When you take the action the brain starts adepting again. This process can ONLY start when you are actually talking to somebody or proactively do something that puts attention on you. Every thought in your head, NEGATIVE or POSITIVE, makes no difference to your state. (Proof, not promises) Whatever the outcome of the initial action, the brain activates personality parts that have the ressources to cope with social pressure. Rejection no longer is something that has to be avoided by any means. It just becomes what it is, useless information. You become "free out outcome". The more evidence and momentum your brain gets, the more stable your social-personality will be. In the short term, more action will raise self confidence and boldness. In the long term, more action builds the social-personality-part, so that the next time you go out, your brain activates faster. Be aware! It activates faster, but the activation must be initiated. As you see, there are two hills to climb. Make it easier for yourself and climb them one after another. Making a commitment to approach the first girl you see in the club is great, but the chance, that the pressure before going out fucks you up and you wind up staying at home, is higher. Consistency is more important than anything in this game. You can rule one night, but unless you go out and try it consistently, that one night doesnt add much to your progress. "90% of success is just showing up" Getting out there is the first hill. Building momentum is the second. Both are equally important. Learn to climb the first consistently. Once you have built a comfort zone at the new environment that your brain can adapt into consistently, you can better focus on the second hill. When you have mastered the two adaption processes, the real learning begins. You can now focus on building your charisma. Your game becomes solid. You are icy, relaxed and free --- you become "who you are". Thanks for reading. Please comment. This is my best advice on how to learn this game - especially when you are all on your own. Thanks for reading. Please comment. This is my best advice on how to learn this game - especially when you are all on your own.