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Hallo :)

sorry if I write in english but I hope that's not a problem. I can also write and speak in German but I'm not so fluent anymore (I was some years ago).

I was thinking to sarge solo during my holidays (6-19 July) and I thought that it would be awesome to go to Germany! For this reason, I was wondering what are the best places, maybe also the most interesting because of the ladies ( ;) ) but also because of the cities, the panoramas and the activities that you can actually do.

I would like also to swim and get a tan.. so I was thinking about the north part of Germany. Any suggestions?

I'm sarging from 2 years now, I'm used to sarge solo in disco game, especially on the dance floor (spin moves, hand of god, the claw, etc. are my thing) so it would be awesome if there are amazing clubs.. I'm good also in daygame, although I'm less sharp with it.

If someone wants to sarge with me, it would be awesome too :) but I would like to point out that my main focus is the fun, not the ladies.

Thanks for any suggestion :)

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