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Hallo, ich bin Beast.

Ich lerne Deutsch aber schreibe viel schneller in English. Ich bin sicher sie kennen English auch.

I moved to Prague to focus on my social skills and building a badass lifestyle around socialising, networking and dream dating life.

It has been a hell of a ride – I went out almost every day for many months and met some great people, had heaps of fun, multiplied my laycount and got myself some girls that I see regularly. We have also got together the most active guys in Prague and set up a community.

We’ve got some cool stuff planned – small group ‚Immersions‘, private parties in apartments in the centre of Prague, adrenaline outdoor adventures with friends and dates, epic sarges in cities in Eastern Europe, yacht parties in the Mediterranean sea and much more!

But all this fun rises and falls with people. If you are an active player, want to come to Prague and be part of this, get in touch.  We can help you find a cool apartment, introduce you to the community and hit the streets and clubs hard. I could also learn some more German. ;)

Let’s make our lifestyles awesome!

Bis bald!

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