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Hi guys,

I've been a member in the community for a while now.. Met a few really cool wings recently, most of them are working and do not have much time during the day.. It is not that I do not enjoy club gaming, but I enjoy day gaming more! It is perfect for students as it doesn't require you to spend much money and builds your confidence, big time!! I'm a student, 24 years old, looking for wingmen, preferably students, to go day gaming in Mariahilfer, Schwedenplatz, Stephansplatz, Karlsplatz, crowded U-bahn stations (another easy way, used this mostly during the winter), Prater, Shopping Malls, and other interesting areas you know.... I'm open for suggestions.. I've been doing this for a year and half now, had successes, experiences, and most of all the 'high' you get no matter what the outcome is!


Euro jd

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