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  1. this: [Link Editiert]
  2. Der Autor gibt exakt alle Gründe an,die ich auch teile - gogog repost, selbst schreiben war vorgestern, lulz http://www.returnofkings.com/31590/5-reasons-i-am-not-a-mens-rights-activist?ModPagespeed=noscript 1. MRA’s Are Asking For Rights - 447 = ROFL 2. Men’s Rights Are For Weak Men - 447 = ST0P WHINING L2P! 3. Real Social Sexual Change Lies Outside Of Rights - 447 = ITZ TEH LAW 4. Men’s Rights Don’t Encourage Men To improve Themselves - 447= ITZ TRVE 5. Women - 447 = WOMENZ IZ NIZ3
  3. Alle PU-Foren nun überflüssig? Nicht ganz, aber immerhin...zumindest manche "Diskussionen" erübrigen sich noch mehr, als sie es ohnehinschon für jeden tun, der sich in-field begibt und nicht gender-studies-verseucht ist... http://www.wellingresearchlab.com/uploads/1/3/5/7/13572010/hill_et_al._2013.pdf Quantifying the strength and form of sexual selection on men's traits Was "PU sagt" stimmt, was andere sagen ist crap: Sozialer Status, Dominanz, Körper, bei positiv-wirkmächtiger Ausstrahlung. Was "PU sagt" stimmt, Teil II - ABER: Schön brav "non-judgmental" sein usw. bringt nur dann was, wenn auch die Dominanz und der Status stimmen. Frauen haben keine Ahnung, worauf Frauen wirklich stehen, d.h. wen sie ficken. Bitte weniger "Was-sagen-cats-HB"-dazu Fetisch in PU, thx. Frauen haben keien Ahnung, worauf Frauen stehen - Teil II + Bonuspunkte: LOL @ Feminismus Ergebnis der Diskussion auf deutsch: Was "PU sagt" stimmt in dem Sinne, dass es zu Sex führt - Frauen selektieren (mit starkem Fokus auf POSITIVER sozialer Dominanz) die immer gleichen Männer mit den immer gleichen Grundeigenschaften, die eben die das "alpha-tingle" auslösen, also sehr nahe an die biologischen trigger rangehen. Grenzen und Limits der Studie - was für die Wissenschaft ein Nachteil ist (es geht um junge, sexuall aktive, normale westliche Menschen / nicht generalisierbar auf alles & jeden) ist für den PU-Interessenten sogar noch die Stärke der Studie. Ein schwerer Nachteil! Komplett unzuverlässig - aber wen interessiert es schon, wenn es nicht um "reine Wissenschaft" sondern um "soziale Realität" geht, die ohnehin zum Großteil im Kopf entsteht?
  4. Framing ist alles - wie ein dicklicher Typ mit Brille auf die 100 freiwillig gezeugten Nachkommen zusteuert - mit nur EINEM Frame: Sperma ist fruchtbar und macht Babys! Grandios- game on, Ed Houben! http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-26636166 Is Ed Houben Europe's most virile man? Ed Houben has an unusual pastime. He has slept with scores of women who seek him out for his legendary powers of insemination. As John Laurenson discovers, he doesn't charge.
  5. Neid ist irrelevant. Fehlschläge sind irrelevant. Luxusprobleme sind Luxusprobleme. The Many Levels Of Game by Law Dogger ( http://www.returnofkings.com/15349/the-many-levels-of-game?ModPagespeed=noscript ) Kevin is George Clooney’s agent. He accompanies George to a restaurant opening. As they walk in, he notices every single girl in the room suddenly stop what they are doing, fix their clothing, check their makeup and hair and turn into little schoolgirls. George pays them no attention, takes a seat and enjoys his meal. Throughout the night, several girls come up to George and not so subtly each express that she is available for him if he wants her. Some slip him their addresses and phone numbers. They were melting in front of him. Kevin thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. Later that week, Kevin takes out a prospective musician Craig for drinks at a trendy bar in town. Craig is a good talent and Kevin is evaluating whether to take him on as his agent. As they are out drinking, several very attractive girls come up to Kevin, chit chat with him and make small talk. All the waitresses and bartenders know Kevin. Kevin explains to Craig that with his job, and the associated power that comes with it, he is able to bed a lot of girls of this quality. Craig thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. Craig leaves and has a gig at a local bar in town playing a live set. A girl he is dating is there with him, tall, skinny objectively very attractive girl that most would be quite happy with. After his set, they come to the bar and order drinks and next to them is LD, who came out for a bit before his flight the next morning. LD, Craig and his girlfriend get to talking and Craig explains that they met after a concert she attended and they hit it off. LD is slightly taken aback by her beauty, and she is nice to boot. LD thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. LD wakes up the next morning and gets on the plane for his trip. On the flight, he starts chatting with Rick who is flying to the same town. As they exit the plane, LD walks outside to be surprised by a girl he’s dated before, who is 19, in heels and a dress, and baked him a cake for his arrival. LD embraces her, they kiss and walk out of the airport. Rick sees this and thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. Rick meets his friend Andrew the next night at a bar in town. After a few beers, Rick turns to the girl next to him and starts chatting with her. She is 28, reasonably cute and an accountant. They have a few drinks, Rick suggests they listen to some music at his place and she agrees. Rick says goodbye to Andrew with a smile on his face, and knowing Rick, Andrew knows what will happen. Andrew thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. After Rick leaves, Andrew walks around the bar speaking to various girls around the venue. On his fifth approach, Andrew is talking to an average looking girl. She is a bit tipsy and so is Andrew at this point, and they start making out. They accidentally bump into a twenty-three year old engineer named Jason as they devour each other’s faces. Jason just got a promotion at his job and was out celebrating with friends, after receiving permission from his chubby girlfriend that he lives with. As Jason walks by Andrew, he thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. Jason goes home around 1:00 a.m. His girlfriend is there having ice cream with a few friends, including Gary. Jason excuses himself and goes right to his bedroom, tired and not wanting to deal with his girlfriend or her friends. Gary cannot believe how poorly Jason treats his girlfriend, always ignoring her. Yet somehow Jason’s girlfriend won’t leave him. Gary shakes his head and silently thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. Gary has had sex with two women in his life. He recently heard about online dating, so he is now attempting to meet some girls online. He goes out with Ann, pays for a long expensive dinner, and sees her two more times before she disappears and won’t return his calls. On the second date he made out with her, and on the third date he cradled some bare breast. Frustrated, at the next family dinner he tells his cousin Kyle the story. Kyle nods his head in agreement, not wanting to tell Gary that he’s actually never been on a date before. As Gary goes into detail about Ann’s nipple to tit ratio, Kyle thinks to himself, I wish I could pull girls like that. Kyle’s had enough. It takes him three days to build the courage, but he says no matter what he is going to hit on two girls today. Kyle showers, gets dressed, and goes to the local mall. At the food court, he sits and stares for an hour before finally mustering the strength to go talk to a girl as she finishes her lunch. Kyle is awful at it, but manages to get the girl to converse for a minute before she politely rejects him. On his second approach, the girl quickly states she has a boyfriend and leaves. Unbeknownst to Kyle, a guy named Eric was watching him on his lunch break. Eric works everyday and watches porn every night he comes home. He has never attempted to talk to a girl on a non-platonic basis. Eric stares at Kyle in awe, thinking how fearless he is, and wishes that one day, he could talk to girls like that.
  6. Der grosse Gatsby - der grosse AFC-Trottel. Wer wäre besser dazu geeignet, die überhöhte Literatur des Verfalls zu erklären - als ThugNotes? Thug Notes präsentiert: Der gr0ße Gatsby
  7. Pornographie ist böse, weil sie Frauen <zu objekten macht des male gaze lulz>. Feminismus ist <dagegendafür>. Was passiert, wenn <zu objekten macht des male gaze lulz> auf <dagegendafür> trifft ? Entsteht ein schwarzes Loch? Falsche Antwort, denn Logik ist diskriminierend. Richtige Antwort: Ein neuer Stern geht am Pornohimmel auf und steigt hoch und höher, gegen alles was Böse und fies ist und was auf Brüste guckt: http://www.returnofkings.com/30365/is-this-pornstar-a-true-friend-of-feminism?ModPagespeed=noscript Lustigste Stelle: Entität [<Belle Knox> aka <Lauren A> aka <Miriam Week>] äussert sich dazu, dass an ihrer Bildungserinrichtung Typen über weibliche Brustgrößen diskutieren und äussert sich dazu, wie schön es ist Pornos zu drehen. And yet…