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  1. Explore the mysteries of nature, the great masterpieces that the Creator has bestowed through the nature wallpaper, you will be enthralled by the pictures shocked to suffocation, it just seemed vague illusion but that the real scene. Admire, right-click to download the wallpaper you like on your computer and do not forget to share with friends offline! Enjoy comfort, fresh air with a blue through Aaron. Let your mind relax and breathe the atmosphere was great after hours of hard work. Experiencing the sweltering sun, the summer's fierce sense of romance, the complexion mild autumn sun. The distress in the fall makes us feel as if daydreaming into the world of the gentle, quiet and romantic. Autumn is one of the four seasons on Earth and some of the planet. It is the transition period from summer to winter. Autumn is the season in which most of the crops are harvested, and deciduous trees lose their leaves. It is also the season when daylight hours grow shorter and colder (especially clear in the large latitude). In temperate regions, it also gradually increased rainfall in some areas. The autumn's associated with the transition period from warm weather to cold weather in the northern hemisphere and its related status as the season of harvest mainly, has reigned in related topics and the popular image of it. In Western culture, people fall personified as a beautiful woman, adorned with healthy fruits, vegetables and grains cooked at this time. Most ancient civilizations are celebrating the harvest festival in the fall, usually the most important in their calendars. Still resonates among the festival are: Thanksgiving in late autumn in the United States and Canada, the festival Sukkot Jewish with its origin as a festival of the harvest moon "holy ark "(in the hut in which the product was harvested and then processed with importance of religious nature), many Aboriginal festivals associated with the North American food from fruit trees ripe harvested from the wild or Mid-Autumn festival of China, Vietnam, etc. and many other festivals. Mood mainly in the autumn festival is joy because a bumper harvest as well as subtle sadness because of severe weather approaching. Tribute to ancestors is also a common theme of this festival. Fall also associated with Halloween wallpaper, and with it an extensive marketing campaign to promote it. Film industry and the music used this time of the year to promote the films and records associated with this festival, they are released from early September but no later than October 28, by subject our financial strength is quickly lost when the festival is over. Autumn, like spring wallpaper, is very difficult to predict and, in many areas, it's very short. Temperatures in September may be higher than 86 ° F (30 ° C) and the heat index, it can create dangerous conditions related to human negligence in relation to the risk of heat stroke (high body temperature). In October, especially in high latitudes, there may be a sudden cold snap as well as a mixture of rain and snow, although snow cover unstable only more stable since mid-November.
  2. Ich bin ein großer Anhänger der Theorie, dass Wohnungen sehr viel über ihre Bewohner aussagen. Ebenso tun das auch Desktop (-Hintergründe), finde ich. Wenn ihr mögt, macht doch einfach einen Screenshot (inklusive des ganzen Chaoses, welches sich dort so ausgebreitet hat). Wenn euch das Chaos peinlich ist, könnt ihr ja erst noch aufräumen, oder aber einfach einen Link zum Foto posten (sofern es auf google zu finden ist). Ich bin gespannt!