Finding Good-Fitting, Stylish Jeans

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Set yourself apart from all the other guys; spend some time to improve your style. For example, if you like to wear jeans, find yourself good-fitting and stylish jeans. How? A few smart suggestions.

The best way to find out what you like is to experiment with different styles. Try different brands and always check yourself in the mirror.

Here are a few more suggestions:

- Ask for a female opinion to get feedback if it looks great on you. Bonus: It’s a good pickup opportunity.

- Find out you waist and inseam and try on different brands in a fitting room to see which one looks the best on you and feels the most comfortable. Certain brands look and feel better on certain people, explore to find what you like and what suit your style.

- If you find a brand that fits you well but you don't like the color or 'wash' of the jeans? Search online to see if the store has a website with more variety. Some clothing stores are limited to what locals like to buy. At the shops website you will see their full line.

- You can also shop online but the risk is that the clothes might not fit well. I just use it to see what is out there. I like to check if there’s something new, and what companies to look for when I go shopping.

- There are site with a lists of brands. This way you can see if you like them. You can type in the name in a search engine to find a store. Or you may find a better website to find a wider variety of sizes to buy.

Here’s a website I found interesting:

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Ich finde man kann schon Online kaufen. Wenn man seine Größe weis, die man bei dem Label hat. Habe Beispielsweise bei Joop-Hemden KW 40 und Dior 39. Das ist schon okay zumal man ja den Stuff inerhalb von 2 Wochen zurückschicken kann

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