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Natural Game vs Technical Game : Which one fits better for beginners

Natural Game vs Technical Game : Which one fits better for beginners Introduction Natural Game is the best game practice, any coach will tell you that, unfortunately like all good things, it's hard to get it.

they are people who have born with this natural charisma and natural game. but they are few. others has to learn how to be confident, how to have charisma, ...

From my experience in game, both methods works, you can start with natural game or use technics methods(with routines), if you are consistent and go infield you will 100% get results.

Time makes a huge difference

so what's really make difference between both methods, is Time. For a shy guy:  it will take him a long time to learn natural game and results will make time to come.
but when you will start getting results it will be perfect.

On the other hand using a method helps you, to copy what those charismatic guys do, and apply then  as Skills. at the beginning it feels unnatural but with time and practice, you really get good results and faster. at some point you will not even need routines and other Technics because you will have already acquired enough confidence and charisma.

there is also another question that needed to be asked : Are all women natural?
the answer is No.
Woman do makeup, to look better than the really are.(some guys get really surprised after a lair, when they wake with the same girl with a different face).

that being said, for a man makeup is learning skills that shows him look charismatic and confident than he probably is. As we are ok with women doing makeup. them knowing that you learn skills should not be a problem for them too.

I told some girls that I was learning game and they were a lot of them who was curious about it and found that interesting.( by the way it's a good conversation for escalation).

who should use Technical methods(and routines):

- When you're infield with a set and sometimes you don't know what to do next, what is the next move.

- When you feel like you did a move too earlier or to late.

- If you don't know why women behave in a certain way… why she didn't answer to my messages ? why she didn't come to the date? why did she change her mind? - when you are  a shy person.

now you know the difference, if you have other questions or want to learn some methods, feel free to ask in the comments below. I will be glad to answer you!

- Gali       



Article 1 : Approach anxiety(AA)

Approach anxiety(AA) Have you ever asked yourself why it is that you get an overwhelming urge to mate with a woman possessing high replication value(9s or 10s)—and then almost simultaneously get an equally overwhelming urge to run away?  This behavior seems illogical and counterproductive; after all, rejection causes little harm. Emotionally, however, rejection can be a brutal experience, lasting hours, weeks, and even months. This fear is known as approach anxiety(AA).   AA results from 2 principal factors : The fear of reprisal : "May be She has a guy or a brother, who will probably kick my ass, I don't want trouble" - then you run away 😰 The fear of rejection : Earlier when you were rejected by a woman, the news circulated throughout the village, which annihilated every chance of finding another girl.   Even though our logical minds tell us that laws protect us from reprisal and rejection in our modern social order, many great pickup artists agree: The fear of a cold approach never goes away. It’s hardwired into your brain. So keep in mind that : Confidence is not the objective. Competence is.   Mindset Anti Approaching anxiety Women are bored(you give them story to tell other people) Women are hornier than Men : You’re a selfish asshole if you don’t go over and make her day  Woman crave a magical movie moment asshole  Other people have just as much social fear as you  Practice makes perfect - make them practice it’s a win win situation As you are infield nobody gives a damn shit about you! (when you get home from school do you still remember all unkown people you met on your way? you don't care about them) The only person who’s opinion really matters is you! Don’t care about the outcome! - don't care about how you opening will bring you to the close(focus on learning and improve your game, every setback is a learning skill)   Learn to repeat your own opinion of yourself :   Also Ego causes alot of AA  : you feel like you don't want to loose your face in front of women or people in general Kill( or control) your ego beast : that’s the only effective long term solution to social freedom   The last word :  The fear Of opening is Imaginary. what makes a fear feeling is a presence of a danger behind an action. (Girls doesn’t bite, or heat or kill someone because he opened them). Imagine the worst scenario. What do you risk by approaching her? When you stop gaming for a while. The AA become strong again.   - Gali