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  1. Hallo :) sorry if I write in english but I hope that's not a problem. I can also write and speak in German but I'm not so fluent anymore (I was some years ago). I was thinking to sarge solo during my holidays (6-19 July) and I thought that it would be awesome to go to Germany! For this reason, I was wondering what are the best places, maybe also the most interesting because of the ladies ( ;) ) but also because of the cities, the panoramas and the activities that you can actually do. I would like also to swim and get a tan.. so I was thinking about the north part of Germany. Any suggestions? I'm sarging from 2 years now, I'm used to sarge solo in disco game, especially on the dance floor (spin moves, hand of god, the claw, etc. are my thing) so it would be awesome if there are amazing clubs.. I'm good also in daygame, although I'm less sharp with it. If someone wants to sarge with me, it would be awesome too :) but I would like to point out that my main focus is the fun, not the ladies. Thanks for any suggestion :)
  2. Oh vielen dank! :) yeah, so soll sein die selbe als hier in Italien ^^ mein "verbal game" ist nicht so gut, weil ich nicht so gut Deutsch kann.. aber kein Problem, die "vibe" ist mehr wichtig :) Ich fragte, weil ein Freund von mir sagte, dass die deutsche Frauen bevorzugen die "from behind approach" :) ---- Oh really thank you! :) yeah, so it should be the same as here in Italy then ^^ my verbal game just suck in German because I'm not that good at speaking.. but no problem, the "vibe" is more important :) I have asked because one of my friends told me that the german girls would prefer an approach from behind :)
  3. Hallo! Ich bin ein Italiener und ich wurde in Berlin sargen (sagt man so? :) ). Entschulding fuer mein Deutsch, aber es ist lang seit ich nicht mehr Deutsch spreche. Auf jedem fall, Ich moecthe wissen wie macht man in disco game in Deutschland. In Italien ich frage sie die Name und mache eine Pirouette und ich tanze mit her... ist es gut auch in Deutschland oder macht man anders? Gibt es ein post/Anleitung darueber? Vielen Dank! // English Hi! I am an italian guy and I would like to sarge in Berlin. Sorry for my german, but I don't speak german from a lot of time. However, I would like to know how you game in disco in Germany. In Italy I ask the name of the girl and I spin and dance with her.. is it good also in Germany or is it differente? Is there a post or a guide about it? Thanks!