We need a coach/teacher this sunday 7/7

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Hey there. I'll post in english. Hope that's OK :-) 

We're 3 danish guys going to town in this coming weekend. We're looking for game sunday. (7/7)

If you wanna come wing with us please let us know - we know how to have a party, but have little experience in pick ups. We're a good mix of introvert/outrovert. We have experience from an international environment. And we're ready to take chances, test material and similar. 

We're looking for people to assist us. To teach us. Best case scenario, we need someone with experience. We'll buy drinks ofcourse.. we might even discuss a fee for your trouble, if you're the right person. 

Does it sound like you? drop us an e-mail at [email protected], or answer this thread, and lets settle on the details. 

Btw, we speak some german too 😄 

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