Kein Whey nach dem Training ?

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hab mir gerade die Videoreihe von "Mic" auf YouTube anguckt.

Es ging darum das ein Whey Drink direkt nach dem Training reine Geldverschwendung ist.

Kann das wer so bestätigen weil , dann mach ich 2 Jahre fast falsch o0

Nur Whey Protein nach dem Training - Geldverschwendung?!

LG Tim

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willst dir deine infos nicht lieber von kompenteren quellen holen?

ernährung ums training:;postcount=3088

Klar, deswegen frag ich ja .

PS: Dein Link Database error

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bei mir gehts, aber hier nochmal extra

von alan aragon, link:;postcount=3088

The protocol I recommend currently is strikingly similar to the original, with a few VERY insignificant tweaks. Note that TBW = target bodyweight:

60-90 minutes preworkout, have a solid, balanced meal:

Protein = 0.25g/lb TBW

Carbs = 0.25g/lb TBW

Adding fat at this point is fine, use your discretion as long as it fits into your macro goals. Note that this meal is skipped if you train 1st thing in the morning.


30-0 minutes preworkout - (and/or sipped throughout the workout), have a liquid or easily digested meal:

Protein = 0.25g/lb TBW

Carbs = 0.25g/lb TBW

If you were going to train for close to or more than 2 hours continuously, it would definitely benefit you to have this extra preworkout meal either immediately prior to, or sipped during training. Keep the fats here incidental & not added if you're prone to gastric distress during training.

Within 30 minutes postworkout, have either a liquid or solid meal:

Protein = 0.25g/lb TBW

Carbs = 0.25-0.5g/lb TBW, depending on how carb-restricted your diet is.

Amount of fat here doesn't matter as long as your daily target is hit.

Post-postworkout is simply your next sheduled meal, whether it's 1, 2, or 3 hrs later simply doesn't matter - especially if your immediate postworkout meal was designed as above.

NOTE: The small differences are mainly geared toward simplifying the guidelines. The rest of the recommendations about food types are pretty much the same. Also note that I no longer give a damn about GI, it doesn't really make a difference one way or another. If you want high GI carbs pre and/or during training, go for it. As time has passed, GI has proven itself to be a worthless, irrelevant index. Insulinogenesis is a separate issue, and slight elevations during & postworkout is a great idea. This accomplished by both food type & food amount, the latter being more important. To boot, the necessary insulin elevations for maximal net gains in protein balance are easily met without specific attempts at spiking it up. There's obviously a lot more to this, but that's the important basics. The rest is fringe.


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