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  1. Tickle

    #12 - Der Strandfick

    Eine gute und eine schlechte Nachricht. Die Gute: Ich bin wieder da! Die Schlechte: Ab jetzt nur auf englisch. Der Grund: Ich poste ab jetzt in "internationalen Foren", in denen auch meine Wings in Sydney aktiv sind. Den ganzen Scheiss dann nochmal zu übersetzen wäre reine Zeitverschwendung - ihr könnt ja alle englisch, nicht wahr Kinder? Die letzten Blogeinträge handelten eher davon, wie ich als unerfahrener Jungmann meine ersten Erfahrungen sammle und schließlich meine wertvolle Jungfräulichkeit verliere. Heute sitze ich hier mit einer handvoll Lays, einem Fuckbuddy und sexuellem Selbstbewusstsein. Das hier ist mir vor ein paar Monaten widerfahren: Shittons of money are saved, I can't stand working my shitty job anymore and Australia's eastcoast is waiting for me - time to start traveling the country and make the first stop in Byron fucking Bay. For those of you who don't know this place: It's where all the chilled blonde Surfer guys enjoy an amazing lifestyle of not doing anything and just hanging out all day. Having a hard time cold-approaching, because finding like-minded people among all these backpacker fuckups that spend their time doing nothing and drinking alcohol, I am lucky hearing that a girl I met back in Sydney is about to come to Byron as well. She's cute. A German girl, my age (19), but unfortunately pretty insecure and always giving me shit. Whenever I say something she gives a stupid comment about it. I tell her to meet me at my hostel and we'd go out later. She's bringing one of her travelmates, a German dude that's my age. While her reaction is very positive as she sees me sitting in the bar of my hostel, the guy seems really uncomfortable and nervous as he introduces himself. His hands are shaking. Noticing that, I immediately know that this guy likes my girl. Looks like he couldn't get her yet. What a sad cunt. A small part of me feels sorry for him. The rest of me doesn't give a fuck. After telling us our so-far-experiences of the eastcoast we join a few of my current backpacker buddies to the Beach Hotel and as the night progresses we end up in Byrons popular "Cheeky Monkeys" Bar, packed with travelers who get extremely wasted and dance on the tables. AS I come back from the toilet, I see her talking to another guy and immediately coming back to me as she sees me - having a beer in her hand. Guess how she got it. She describes her simple but effective technique to me: Stand next to a guy at a bar, look cute, ask him for the price of a beer and act like you can't afford it. This is how you get free drinks as a cute girl. The guy realizes that he just wasted his precious money as we start making out a bit. Pulling back all the time and teasing her with a few kisses on the neck, I can see that she gets turned on a lot. Her travelmate has left already - must have seen us making out. She's glad about it, tells me that he's so annoying and needy. I genuinely feel sorry for this guy, as I have been at this point so many times, which got me into this weird underground society of chodes trying to evolve to pimps. As we make out I start fingering her, the sexual tension reaches its maximum. The club closes, I walk her out and as we pass the street where her hostel is and I should be the gentleman who walks his lady home, I just keep on walking. She doesn't ask questions. I'm just gonna take her to the beach, hostel are the worst for sex. Especially if you only had sex once in your life and you're still very inexperienced - trust me, you don't want any one else in the room witnessing you failing at getting hard, putting on a condom or finding her wet meat hole. The beach is close. Here and there are drunk people walking along the water or sitting in small groups. I walk with her to a spot where it seems to be quiet enough. This is where it happened: We lay down, I escalate and it's the first time that I have sex on the beach, and the second time ever in my life. People walk by, see us and laugh. We don't care. Later she tells me that she lost her virginity having sex on the beach with a 19 year old British Ginger in Greece. Weird story. I walk her home and fall asleep very quickly. Tomorrow's surf lesson is going to be tough with only 4 hours of sleep.
  2. LoveLing

    Fragen zu den AM

    Hallo, Ich habe einpaar Fragen: 1. Wer ist für die Advanced Member zuständig? An wen kann ich mich bei Problemen mit einem Advanced Member wenden? 2. Welche Regeln gelten für Advanced Member? 3. Wie wird man ein Advanced Member? 4. Welche sind die Privilegien und die Aufgaben der Advanced Member? Vielen Dank schon mal, lg, LoveLing