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  1. Monday Date with a girl I met yesterday, had goals for Oktoberfest as well and did not go there in the end, therefore the notes are only about the date. Goals: -Connect, create a good connection. -deeper topics -Sexualize as good as possible -lots of kino, take hand quickly (held her hand yesterday already), shoulder massage, put her hand around me, make out (she didn't want yesterday because of other friends and family from here were there) -Escalate as much as possible, calibrate What was good: -had my laptop at a coffee with me to do sth while I waited for her… she had a conference which took longer -led her now and then, gave her my attention and positive energy -kino, hold her hand quickly, put my arm around her, gave compliments -we went to a hotel together, we enjoyed the time together -spend quite some time together on the next day too, found it interesting to get to know her more and hang out together What to do better: -speak less monotonous, therefore break that and create different emotions -talk about deeper subjects -sexualize more, could have kissed her quicker -I could have told her that I will be busier at the weekend, so she feels less rejected as she wants to see me (kind of invited me to hang out for some days). I like to see her again, and I don't want to spend some days with her (especially not in the weekend, however, she could go for a trip only starting on Friday), a possible solution for the future: I say that a friend comes to hang out with me on the weekend (my friends had to leave yesterday night as written before to go back to work) Feel free to post whatever comes in your mind. Cheers, Alex
  2. Sunday Goals: -It’s Not a big Deal just go there -go to talk to her 4 times as I in the first seconds I see her (still waiting too long) -Open 10 Girls with a compliment: use more my hand -Giving King: I am interested in her: I have lots of value, She wants to have fun, I help with that -Solution finder: I find solutions, no matter what happens -Transmit and give a lot of interest: Emit positive energy and interest, totally seduced and inspired -Kino, take her hand, come close to her, calibrate What was good: -When I approached the girls with good energy, they were quite happy about the approach. seems like they didn’t get approached a lot before -> just go there, it is a win-win situation, everybody is happy -asked for numbers (didn’t ask before because I didn’t know I will stay here, however it turned out that it rains and the other city which has beaches might be too empty) and asked to meet again -good energy when opening -started opening after friends left to hang out with them, managed to do that being alone. What to do better: -Stayed too long with one girl, maybe even 1 hour (got to know each other kissed, got some beer together, sat down, looked at the show, danced a bit, etc. excuse: not many people were there as it is Sunday at first, however, there still came more people). (friend of her was always with us, hard to get a guy for her friend because of her weight). -same as previous: need to use time more efficiently, also with other interactions -approached too slowly Feel free to post whatever comes in your mind. Cheers, Alex
  3. Saturday Goals: As yesterday wasn’t too good I wrote lots of goals for today. I just summarize them here: -Go quickly, not a big deal calibrate afterwards -Give everything, 100% (otherwise I can just leave it) -Mentality wanna get to know her and kiss her -Emit lots of positive energy, totally inspired by her, full attention -I am in the moment and enjoy it -Kino, lots of touch, seduced, active learner, Lion mentality, it's ok that I don't connect with all, that saves time, be more expressive What was good: -actively kept getting closer to various girls -make out with a girl which is prettier than the girls I usually kiss. -kept going, even though I did not connect with some girls (written nicely and positively lol) What to do better: -spend too much time with girls without expressing too much interest -talked too much about me, why the fuck should she care -be direct in the opener Feel free to post whatever comes in your mind. Cheers, Alex
  4. Some short information for the context, Just arrived in this city (Blumenau) today (Friday). This city has an Oktoberfest, which just started. The structure of my reports will be: goals, what was good, what to do better, sometimes I will add some extra notes. Friday Goals -Emit positive energy, be the moment -Seduced mentality, interested in her, give compliments -Lion mentality (working on showing more interest and be more dominant) -Solutions finder: actively seek for solutions What was good -Still approached some girls, even though it did not work out in the beginning -My energy and vibe improved over the night What to do better -very stupid mistake: just copy-pasted my goals and did not really think about them -got excuses in my head, took too much time to start to approach -did not approach with enough interest and energy -I got to that city too late, had to work on so I took an evening flight. Actually it was not really too late first, however, we (we were three) drank too much and it got really late, it was kind of sad that one friend drank too much and we had to bring him back home before arriving there (this did not happen before), this clearly cost some energy. Feel free to post whatever comes in your mind Cheers Alex
  5. Hey Brothers and Sisters, Alex here. I will keep this introduction post short for now, probably will update it in the future. Some quick information for the context, I am german (half south American and therefore look like a south American, if you are blond you should definitely get here). I am spending some time in Brazil writing a thesis at a company for my university degree. I’ve been in touch with socializing and development for various years. My progress for that time is really depressing. Got into two long term relationships in that time too, which made me start almost from zero again. Now I will not go into another relationship for some time. Goals: -Stop to judge myself and others -especially in the street, often play not to lose instead of playing to win -incorporate mindset I am good enough, be fully present and emit really positive energy, -approached lots of girls quite creepy, need to adjust some „bad habits“ -Need to make use more use of my reports' goals and evaluations, through evaluation I want to develop myself transform myself and get better -Furthermore, I want to learn to Sexualise, be more dominant, connect on deeper levels, stop being too nice, speak unfiltered, go my way, get more confident, etc. I’ve been way more active since the beginning of September again (got a bit enrolled with thesis/work…). I am noting some improvements which is really nice. I will keep going, push through, learn more and develop myself. I will be very grateful if you leave some feedback in this post, of course, it can be in German as well. Besides my own evaluation, I wish I can bring some value to you. Especially if you are not too active I wish I can motivate you to be more active and learn to connect with people better. Its a wonderful path of development in this amazing world. Cheers, Alex