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2 Ergebnisse gefunden

  1. Hey Ist jemand ab dem dritten oder viertem Dezember in Brisbane unterwegs ? Ich, 20 Jahre alt, mach dann dort ein Work & Travel Jahr und würde mich über neue Bekanntschaften freuen :) Joel Belmont
  2. Tickle

    #13 - Doggystyle im Parkhaus

    Eines meiner geilsten Erlebnisse bisher. Wieder in englisch, weil zu faul für Übersetzungen. Enjoy: I'm in Brisbane. Tough shit happened in Surfers Paradise. I pulled this swedish teacher chick to the beach, she didn't feel comfortable having sex there and as I tried to pull her into the public restroom, she says "That's disgusting, I would never have sex on the toilet!". Literally the next day I want to take a piss in my hostels toilet after a tough night of merciless rejections and who is occupying it? She and another guy. Hurts man, it hurts. Anyways... It feels like I'm the only fucking retard who wants to go out and cold-approach in this city - no one in the online groups is responding to my messages. Well, so be it. But at least there is this one local chick that I can still meet up with. I approached her back in Sydney. One of these nights where I could only stay out until midnight in order to get my six hours of sleep before work, I forced myself to do one more approach before I go, which was her. We chatted for a bit, she told me she's from Brisbane, 23 years old and I got her number, telling her that I'd visit her some day. Over the course of the next couple of months I texted her once in a while and she always responded. Now, finally reaching Brisbane, she wants to meet me again. Kinda funny, due to the fact that we only chatted for about 5 minutes. Always follow up your numbers. Being out with some backpackers who, as always, plan to get fucking smashed, we text trying to meet somewhere in The Valley on a Saturday night. The way she's texting indicates that she's really drunk as well, which actually surprises me, because she looked like one of these "good, classy girls" when I met her in Sydney. As I finally meet her in one of the many bars around, I'm shocked. She's seems to be a completely different person than what I remembered and imagined her to be. Firstly she grabs me and asks me if I missed her, almost making out with me, secondly she buys shots and drinks for me and her friend to get us drunk as well and thirdly she's getting all the attention on her by dancing extremely sexual with her friend, including kisses and tittie-grabs. What the fuck. It's on. So all I have to do now is stay in set, handle the logistics and don't do any stupid tryhard-mPUA-shit. One thing I'm still going to do, because it is a huge part of my game and I love it: Make the girl chase me. It's easy once she's hooked, it's extremely fun and it makes things way easier in the end, especially with logistics and LMR. And, let's be honest, it's a huge validation rush for my pathetic ego. So I do a couple of simple pushes to make her want my attention back. For example: As a few guys of my hostel see me dancing and making out with these two girls, they want to join in, to get their piece of the cake. The girls don't really seem to be into it, but I still tell them to hook up with these guys, push them towards them, to make them wonder if I actually like them. Just by doing that, my girl starts investing alot more. Now she is the one always getting closer to me on the dancefloor. The night progresses, my girl slaps on random girls asses and we go from bar to bar, when eventually her friend just leaves. My girl doesn't care. It looks like in their group of friends it's completely accepted to hook up with random dudes every weekend. This time I'm the random dude. We're on our own now. Even though it's a 100% clear that she is totally down for it, I still want to experiment a bit. It's time to see if I can make her chase more. While she is dancing in front me, trying to look sexy, I just stand there and look bored. The frame I set is that she is the one trying to seduce me and I'm the one trying to resist it. Straightforward I tell her: "Stop trying to seduce me.", looking kinda turned on but suppressing it. For her it's like a game now. All she does now is try to turn me on even more, all I do is try to push her more, until she actually starts believing that I might not even like her that much. Her face is getting that slightly worried look. I tell her that it's time for me to go. As we walk outside she asks me again and again if I think she looks pretty, if I remembered alot about her when I met her in Sydney and all sorts of dumb questions you ask if you want to go fishing for compliments. When suddenly she goes for the Moby Dick of compliments: "Would you fuck me?" She stops walking. I'm a bit confused. "What?", she asks me again: "Would you fuck me?" If I say yes now, it would give her all the validation she needs. If I say no, she might stop trying to make something happen. So I just say "Stop asking these dumb questions.", pretending to be a bit annoyed by her presence, "I'll just bring you home and drop you off, it was a nice evening". So we get into a cab, she starts grabbing my dick while driving out of the city. The cab drive takes pretty long. At some point I wonder if we already reached the fucking outback. As we get off she sits down on the street and keeps on giving me this insecurities-about-you-liking-me-or-notalk. "Okay, where is your place? I'm gonna drop you off." "You can't come in.", she says and I just repeat "I'm just gonna drop you off." "It's my friends place, I'm sleeping over." She exactly knows what's going on. Must have been pulled many times before with dumb excuses and baby steps. At least that makes her help me with our logistics. Looks like I gotta fuck her in a dark corner. She is chasing me enough, so it should be possible. Escalation starts: I stop walking, grab her by the waist, give her the makeout she wanted before, grabbing her boobs and putting her hand on my dick. We're next to some bushes now and I pull her behind it. "No, we're not gonna do it here." I stop and just stand there. She tries to make out with me again, I pull back. "What?" I start escalating again. It goes back and forth, again and again, LMR followed by me pulling back and her letting me escalate again. Until we finally get to the point where she is so horny that she lets me pull her behind some building. Then I fuck her doggystyle in this car park: Her ass is amazing. I walk her home like the gentleman I am. This is simply what you do after fucking a chick in a car park. "How old are you by the way?" She is shocked as she hears that I'm 19. We reach her home, I'm dropping her off and then I realize: How the fuck will I get home? The sun is coming up again, it's 6 am and I end up as the fucking retard who is jogging home. It took me one and a half hours to get back to my hostel, covered in sweat. Guess which girl I met checking out of the hostel - the swedish teacher girl that wouldn't let me fuck her in a public toilet in Surfers Paradise. If she knew what I just did... Freue mich über jegliches Feedback. Man sieht sich in Deutschland. Peace.