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    Originally from Rostock, living in the UK for 7 years now, am visiting home (HRO), Berlin and Chemnitz relatively regularly so would be great to have some wings here and there. let me know if u'r coming to the UK, London or Cambs, etc. Re interests: I got many and now there's no space left here...:)
  1. yo ich haett gern nen wing fuer die naechsten 2 wochen in schtock also meldet euch ma, day and nightgame, bin 27, cya
  2. bin 9.6. bis 12.6. in Wien und mein Kumpel bei dem ich penne muss lernen drum wär's super nen wing zu finden mit dem man ein oder zwei tage oder Abend ne runde sargen gehen könnte. also sagt bescheid unter [email protected], bin 27 btw. sacht bescheid wenn jemand zeit hat daygame oder nightgame, alles gut. cya
  3. wenn das hier jemand liesst, ich komme am Sonntag irgendwann nach Wien bis Mittwoch früh und mein Kumpel is busy mit lernen, würde mich also über 1 oder 2 tage sargen freuen, am liebsten daygame, war noch nie in Wien, aber hab nur gutes bezüglich der Attraktivität gehört:) also meldet euch mal wenn jemand zeit hat für ne runde.
  4. peter jones

    PUA sucht Wing

    yo leude, i mean hey guys (so the english speaking dude above may listen in), i'm coming to berlin tomorrow (1.6.2013), originally from Rostock, but been living in UK for 7 years. am currently travelling a little bit. staying with my cousin. but she'll be busy working on tuesday and wednesday so it would be awesome to have a wing for those 2 days to do some daygame. In UK my friend and I just learned Andy's and Yad's daygame blueprint which is very nice. we've done a few runs but really need some more practice, or i.o.w. i don't wanna lose track (and gain anxiety) coz i'm travelling and won't sarge with my uk wing for another 3 weeks. Anyway, it would also be awesome to see some other styles, i'm open for anything new. been to meet puas b4 in other places and it's usually a good productive vibe, even if somewhat intimidating at times, but fears gotta be disspelled or else there won't be any funky experiences!:) I also saw that there is a regular pua meetup on saturday nights in berlin, i guess i could give my cousin an excuse and come along but would be great to actually know someone there before going (damn those social anxieties!:) u can email me to my spam email address [entfernt - Forenregeln!] . it's my address for purposes like these so i don't have to worry about spam, but i will check it the next couple of days so email me ur numbers or emailaddresses por favor. anyway, would be awesome to meet up and walk about, chat about pickup, get into state and get to know some nice gyals. i will also be out probably some time this week so can meet up, just don't chat up my cousin, she hates it, and i'll be the one who has to listen to the feminist/ anti-male-sexist banter, arrgh... :) but then i've become pretty shite at night game, it seems very alien to me, as i can't be bothered with alcohol anymore and just go to different kinda places now. my city in england isn't great for clubbing either, so that's another reason. but am always looking to try new things (or get back to old ones i.e. clubbing). oh right, i'm 27, just finished my master, am selfemployed in the uk. regularly return to germany, rostock and berlin to see family and friends. (and just found out that rostock also has a lair, and missed their streetgame gathering today, i can't believe it!...) peace out
  5. verdammt, gerade erst gesehen, dass ihr heute daygame und vortraege etc alles gemacht habt. bin hier aufgewachsen aber wohne abroad also nur ab und zu mal hier, das naechste mal check ich auf jeden fall ob pua technisch was los geht in schtock. mit den alten freunden rumhaengen is zwar immer ganz lustig hier aber so richtig in die puschen kommt man da nich frauentechnisch. shiiii... genau einen halben tag zu spaet entdeckt. aber wer kann auch ahnen, dass das verschlafene schtock nen lair hat, eieieieiiiiii... na vielleicht sieht man sich dann im LT heute abend, erkennt man eure gang denn irgendwie, aka mystery maessig peacocking :)