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Already posted in the Bootcamp sector..

But since it's not just a Bootcamp but more a space of shelter of preparation. For bringing it out n party with men and women in all its forms.

Ah yeah what I wanted to say is that I offer my space for a few meetups.

Ain't a place to learn how to take advantage cause our ego got hurt though. Is a place to give love, n that is fucking sex.. to give love and not take.

When you give you will receive, ufff haha u will receive more than u can dream of.

We can arrange a first Meetup at my place and see from there.

All good things come natural if ya let them flow inside you, then you can flow as second nature inside someone else. But with love God damnit haha 


Previous Bootcamp post...


Yo guys I'm a so called natural...
In my opinion we all are, but something is blocking us, maybe the context how we approach love and sex itself....
I just came back from Brasil and woohoo the women are so more sexual evolutionized, Its most south Americans I suppose. 
I helped in my life occasionally some guys with girls but stopped cause I didn't like how they misused the help I gave them in taking advantage of these beautiful counterparts of us. Counterparts to die for. To kiss their feet.
Yet ego plays a big role.
Now I realized I was not ready.
After Brasil i also noticed how fucked the sexual relationship between men and women is.
I just can't do any better than to act on that irritating feeling that I can change at least something in that for better, for love we deserve and should share without so many borders.
So my approach, what's awaiting you, is way different then what u might have learnt and seen. Ufff it's fucking having the best time of your life and just be free and yeah just don't give a fuck.
To get there, yeah, I have to say, ud need to come over some things which are hard and painful. But it's the ironic law of life. It's alchemy brothers for all my geek friends. Haha how I loved that anime.
It's like medicine, it takes and gives.
But what it gives will blow your mind, and body.

I live in a beautiful magic cottage 30min from charlottenburg, in a forest, beautiful nature. Where we have distance and space to prepare y'all, after that it'll be going out and act, come back again and digest and learn, and so on.
I'll guide ya with all my love and knowledge. It's not just that u gonna see me play but much more important you will feel that vibe, and when it overpowers you, you will intuitively follow the flow. That process would be becoming a natural yourself, and our preparations will help you to destroy these blocking neurons and instead you will be just flowing. Not just with who you attracted to but with life itself. Life is like an infinite beautiful woman/man you wanna fuse physically and mentally with haha.
One thing to keep in mind, is that u only able to receive as much as open u are to do so. So maybe u will need to suffer a lil more, I've been there haha everybody was there, even the so called naturals are there, I'm sure, I had party's with them.
They all hurt inside, despite their powerful vibes, women n men.
So I've decided to do no marketing etc. But just leave it to this post.
It's my filter of receiving only those who will be ready to soak me up, to become, to be happy, and start to develope that don't give a fuck attitude based upon sharing love and not just being another depressive Berghain Punk. So let's learn how to love life hahaha


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