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  1. WhatsApp link funktioniert nicht mehr... Gibt's euch noch?
  2. Hat jemand noch die 3 speeches die Sebastian Drake beim PU Congress 07 in Berlin gesagt hat? Einer war irgendwie so: Er sagt zu seiner Freundin nach ca. 3 Wochen: bevor wir uns verlieben und starke gefühle entwickeln und du noch mit jemand anderem schlafen willst dann mach es, aber erzähl mir nichts davon, weil es weh tun würde. aber mach es jetzt und nicht später so in etwa...hat das jemand mitgeschrieben...die anderen 2 speeches würden mcih auch nochmal interessieren thanks!
  3. So, bin grad vom PU Congress aus Berlin zurück, das nächste Lair findet übermorgen statt: Mittwoch 24.10.07 20.30 Uhr Gelbe Seiten Projekt E
  4. hey hat jemand noch ein mobiles Navi (TomTom etc.) weil mein ISO Navi funktioniert nicht im Wohnmobil!
  5. Ich werde mit dem PKW fahren, vielleicht sogar mit dem Wohnmobil...wenn ich keinen Hotelgutschein abchecken kann. Wann ich Freitags hinfahr ist noch nicht geklärt, aber für die Rückfahrt am Sonntag hab ich noch Plätze frei.
  6. ich wäre auch dabei, wenn ich Mittwochs nicht im Karlsruher Lair bin, das stellt sich aber diese Tage heraus wann der KA Lair stattfindet
  7. mir egal wann, hauptsache bald, gut besucht und regelmäßig. Mittwochs haben die meißten Leute Zeit...zum sargen kann man ja immer noch was an anderen Tagen ausmachen, jetzt geht es erstmal darum ein funktionierendes Lair zu bilden! Also diesen Mittwoch 10.10.07, 20.30 Uhr in den Gelben Seiten. Ich werde dort sein und wer sein Game auf ein neues Level bringen will oder neue Wings sucht der ist herzlich eingeladen. Wenn jemand Mittwochs halt keine Zeit hat komme ich gerne auch Donnerstags nochmal, gleiche Uhrzeit, gleicher Ort...bin danach sowieso in KA sargen
  8. Ich war da, von 20.30 bis 21.30, tja aber ich war allein...hab dann die bedienung gegamed und bin gefrustet ins CO2 um mir meine Langeweile mit ein paar Sets zu bin ich wieder zuhause, da ich von letzter Nacht noch angeschlagen bin...Ich hoffe das nächstes Mal ein paar Leute auftauchen!
  9. Also morgen, Samstag der 6. um 20.00 Uhr in den Gelben Seiten?!
  10. ich gebe zu das mein post vielleicht etwas überspitzt ist...wenn das thema schon öfters hier war, dann bitte ich um entschuldigung, ich hab mich erst vor 2 stunden registriert...da mich das thema aber interessiert bitte ich auch um ein, zwei links von besonders ergiebigen threads über dieses thema (von denen es 1000 gibt) zu tony.montana: deinen post fand ich gut! nur vielleicht wird es auch wie im rennsport: wer nicht mit 5 jahern zum ersten mal auf einem motorrad saß hat keine chance mehr was zu werden?
  11. also gut, dann lasst uns halt den Hype als "finanziell äußerst positiv" erleben...das änder nichts dran das ein Hype kommt...aber was kommt nach dem Hype?
  12. falls das noch nicht zu spät kommt, hier der PUA bedroom guide ;) Subject: The PUA bedroom guide ________________________________________ We all know that even a sure thing can go wrong if your room is a disaster. But more importantly, an UNSURE thing can quickly turn into a sure thing with the right atmosphere. Girls who have no intention of having sex with me enter my room and end up naked every time. Here is a list of things that made my last room into the perfect seduction venue. General Appearance 1. Cleaniness is PU godliness. Make sure all your clothes are put away, things are organized. Ensure that there is no food in your room. And no weird smells! Vaccum regularly, like before you go out sarging. 2. Black lighting. My favourite trick is to turn on black lights instead of actual lights. The big purple glowing ultraviolet ones. It creates a very exotic and erotic feel. Coincidentally, the lighting also makes people look more attractive. 3. The Right sounds. Always ALWAYS have a playlist on your computer which has club music. You should be able to instantly access the music and have it blasting in a matter of seconds. For me, I always have it playing on low volume when I leave the house. So that when I get back, I just turn up the volume. Instant club atmosphere with the blacklight. Club music is essential because it brings back memories of all the foreplay (dancing) that she's been doing all night. Bed 1. Size matters. Full, Queen, or King sized. Girls don't like twin beds guys. 2. Comfort. Have a big comfortable duvet. It's worth the investment when a girl feels it and instantly wraps herself up in it. This may be the single most important investment you make for your room as a PUA. Don't be afraid to spend over 200 bucks to get a high thread count down feather duvet and some good cover slips. 3. Elevated. Here is another trick I like to use. I went to home depot and bought 16 concrete cinder blocks. I put them under the legs of my bed so that the bed was 3 feet off the ground from already being 2 feet off the ground. 5 feet total. It creates a kind of aura that makes girls want to climb up and play on it. 4. Pillows pillows and more pillows. Aim to have at least 4 pillows on your bed. This adds to the comfort she will feel when falling back and wrapping herself up in the sheets. Bathroom 1. Clean. Girls always use the bathroom before they put out. Usually it's to check their makeup, fix their breath, and wash their poon. Make sure you have a clean bathroom with no pubes laying around. 2. Baby wipes. I like to have baby wipes out next to the toilet paper. This makes it easier for the girls (AND YOURSELF) to get cleaned up before sex. 3. Clean Towels. No girl likes to dry her hands on a towel that smells like mildew. That's definitely a mood breaker. 4. Mouthwash. Seriously, there's nothing worse than trying to seal the deal with a chick who has repulsive breath. She knows she has bad breath but you never gave her the opportunity to freshen up. Room Accessories 1. A big plant. If you have a black thumb, try getting a big fake plant. It adds life to the room (even if its fake) and creates a primal vibe that girls love. 2. Glowing bottles. What I would do is take all my empty liquor bottles, fill them with water, and drop a highlighter pen into them. What happens is that the bottles glow against the black light. This is chick crack. 3. Decorations. It is essential that you have trendy posters or paintings on your walls. Paintings are great when you paint them yourself. Just splash paint around on a canvass and call it abstract art. More chick crack, especially if you ascribe personal meanings to them. "This is a painting I did when I came back from Europe. It's about adventure amongst tranquility" etc 4. Toys. I have my vibrating back massager, scalp rubbing orgasmatron, and some other cool things from the sharper image placed randomly throughout the room. Girls love discovering treasures and playing with them. The back massager it perfect for F-closing. 5. A Stuffed Animal. This has been the single most useful prop in my inventory. I have a stuffed dog named "Huggles" that guards my bed. I tell the girls that this was my first friend when I moved here. Then you can tell a touching story of how you came to own it. (IE, 8 y.o. neice routine.) The secret drawer 1. Condoms Condoms Condoms Condoms Condoms. Never ever screw without them guys. EVER. 2. LUBE. Nothing is worse than a chick who is on medication and dries out faster than the sahara. Keep the lube handy and resist the urge to wank with it. It will also prevent the condoms from breaking. 3. Sex toys. I like the vibrating cock rings that slip over condoms. I also have a vibrator that I say has never been used b/c a friend of mine didn't want it. (I always thoroughly clean this after each session). 4. viagras. Let's face it , sometimes we're too trashed for it to work. And nothing is worse than a one night stand that you can't even fuck. A quarter tablet is usually enough to wake the sleeping drunken giant. Any other advice is welcome. -Wulf