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  1. I just have no idea where to go, see not that I can find, as stated I am totally new to this but there does not seem to be any English speaking platform etc.
  2. I feel I was as truthful as humanely possible in my post. Despite some deep reservations about the nature of PU game I want to try and fully immerse myself in it because, well, why not. I do not think its personal development as I am look very specifically for any members of this community to meet in real time to help me. Apologies if something was lost in translation , socially I can interact with all variants of males etc, one on one I normally make myself a favorite to get the girl, but within the social parameters of being in a club, or group where alphas are butting heads I struggle and would like some guidance. I find the vastness of the internet impossible so hoping someone here can reach out.
  3. No chance of anyone saying anything, you have posted in the wrong forum, German only, whatever......anything....
  4. GameChanger17

    PUA sucht Wing

    I posted an introduction, no idea where, or perhaps mods removed it. Limited German so struggling to navigate this site, but based in Berlin long term and hoping to find some way of exploring the community and perhaps be taken under the wing of someone who wants to help a guy out. I am 33.
  5. Hey guys, Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope the fact it is in English is Ok, my German might be able to order me a bottle of beer but certainly wont be sufficient to navigate this forum. My only exposure to PU artistry, not sure if that is how I express it was The Game, a book which although I enjoyed, not sure if that is the right word, left me cringing and wholly skeptical of the whole scene. As the title says however, something, has got to give. I am the guy who unless I am close to black out drunk is incapable to approaching a woman, or at least certainly not one I am actually sincerely attracted to. I am 33 and Irish. The thought of approaching a woman with some gimmick, a deck of cards, a trick, a line, I find abhorrent but I know I never come back from a club or a pub and feel anything other than inferior. Paradoxically I get women. I have slept with hundreds, probably close to 50 excluding paying for it, and sexually I feel absolutely at ease and confident, albeit a little afflicted by the hooks of pornography . I look fine, a bit jowly I guess since the irrepressible gravitational pull of age started to take effect. I frequently have girlfriends although rarely keep them as I am by and large unfaithful. I never however feel anything other than consciously ill at ease in a group dynamic, to the extent that I always make my excuses, and leave, I used to go out alone where eventually if I drank enough I would muster the courage to approach a woman, normally one I felt I could "get". Sometimes this would end with hooking up sometimes not. I rarely went on a Tinder date without hooking up for example, although to be fair not the last few times. I do not say this to be boastful because as I have alluded to I feel like a total fucking cretin when it comes to approaching a woman. I do not know what I hope to get from this but fuck it I am curious and something has got to give. I love women. I desire them, I want to better at approaching and sleeping with the ones I want. I am 33 years Old, my hope is I guess, is, that someone of a relatively similar age can take me under their wing, maybe go out for a drink and convince me. Fuck it. And Help me. I struggled to find anywhere I could read up about Berlin PU Community in English so again I hope it is Ok I posted here. Hopefully, GameChanger17 No idea where I posted this, presumably in the wrong place, so if someone can take pity on me stumbling around this vast landscape Id sincerely appreciate it!