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  1. Thank you, got it 👍
  2. El hoyo (eng: The Platform) 9/10
  3. Someone must create Telegram channel and write it here.
  4. Two guys: First: - Is it painfull? Second: - Yes. First: - Take it out? Second: - No.
  5. * too many real work, work for money and life; it is exhaust, not so many strengths left for women * women become more hard for getting them, more difficulties for pickup
  6. My variant: "Boyfriend is not a husband yet". Sometimes laugh and she will give you her number. But many time she is realy has a boyfriend. So this is not your problem.
  7. Hello Marquardt! I walk some time in English Garden and see there many nice girls on grass in bikini or topless. I tried to beging talk with some of them and recieved neutral or negative reaction (on other places feedback from girsl much better) Which good aproaches you could recomended in this case?
  8. Hello Oliver! You could PM me if you are still interested.
  9. Hello all! I am from Munich. Also interested in pickup. You could write me a private message.